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Meditations on the Pentateuch: Scripture and Illustration

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Meditations on the Pentateuch in Scripture and Illustration includes over one hundred passages from the first five books of the Old Testament and forty-five illustrations of Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld from his mid-19th century, Die Bibel in Bildern, German for The Bible in Pictures. The authors narrative runs throughout the book alternating between the passages and illustrations, meant to initiate spiritual insight and encourage personal reflection.

Meditations on the Rosary: Scripture, Psalms, Illustration, Guided Imagery

Book Summary

This writing intersects the areas of psychology and spirituality. It takes the reader through the mysteries of the rosary using over fifty passages of scripture, five psalms, twenty illustrations, and twenty guided imagery scripts. The scripts are designed to be interchangeable, using four basic inductions, twenty distinct bodies focused on the mysteries, with one closing for all. It can be read alone for inspiration, or used for leading Christian groups or retreats. It is also ideal for pastoral counselors, coaches, or mental health therapists. By using sensory awareness, the guided imagery brings the reader or listener right into the context of the actual event in Christ's life, and creates direct interaction with the characters involved. The writings attempt to foster psycho-spiritual growth, initiate insight and personal development, inspire through revelation, and/or aid in creating positive change in the person. Included is a chapter on the history of the rosary, and a brief review of meditation methods. Also included are twenty Biblical illustrations by the nineteenth century illustrator, Paul Gustave Dore.

Meditations on the Rosary: Scripture, Psalms, Illustration, Guided Imagery (doc file)
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The Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act of 2016

Book Summary

The passage of CARA, is a landmark shift in how the current use and/or abuse of opioids in the country is viewed, whether licit or illicit. Rather than focusing on one drug or one social aspect, this legislation takes a comprehensive, non-political, bi-partisan approach to combating the problem that has been plaguing American communities, at all societal levels, urban, rural, and suburban. It is a new comprehensive strategy that looks at the problem as a public health and safety issue, with criminal justice reform, and very needed help for veterans. The bill includes critical policy changes and new available resources. It covers six pillars of importance; prevention, treatment, recovery support, criminal justice reform, overdose reversal, and law enforcement.

Published Articles

Adoption Today Magazine

Community Involvement: Fostering Growth in the Adopted Child
Article in Adoption Today Magazine in September 2013
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More Family Romancing: Putting the Pieces Together
Article in Adoption Today Magazine in January 2012
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Family Resistence and Post Adoption Depression
Article in Adoption Today Magazine in July 2011
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Family Romancing: Opening Up Dialogue in His Own Time
Article in Adoption Today Magazine in June 2011
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Expert Beacon

Unpublished Articles

Post Adoption Depression, Adjustment, Anxiety
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Post-traumatic Stress Disorder
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Mindfulness Approaches to Relapse Prevention in Eating Disorders and Addictions
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Sociology of Religion
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Scapegoat Theory: Shifting Blame and Displacing Aggression
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Topics in Sociology
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Asperger Syndrome
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