Addiction Studies

This link is an informational site for substance addiction resources, based out of Houston TX.

This site is a community made up of oeople who want to help and give back, to share stories of recovery and hope,

This site is dedicated to providing parents of children battling addiction with resources and information that can help their families heal. 

Drug Dangers was developed to educate the public and lend a hand to people who have been affected by defective drugs and medical devices.


Addiction Guide

Addiction Guide was created to provide the most comprehensive up-to-date information about various addictions and how to overcome them.  It is a network of centers and connections across the country.


Detox to Rehab

A free directory for information regarding addiction, recovery, alcoholism, and this site offers information on local support groups and meetings.


RX Dangers

RX Dangers is to educate the American public on current pharmaceutical drugs and devices commonly being used within the United States. While prescription painkillers and other drugs are being abused by addicts, other life-saving drugs, and devices that the general public has presumed safe are causing just as much harm to people's health and even death in some cases.


Advanced Recovery Systems

This site offers an article on co-occuring disorders.



This website educates and connects people with top rehab centers across the country, maintains a growing network and displays info geographically


Drug Abuse

This website educates and connects people with top rehab centers across the country, maintains a growing network and displays info geographically


Alcohol & Drug Rehabilitation

This website is an informational resource for those affected by addiction and substance abuse. Their goal is to educate the public by providing the best information, resources, and tools to overcome addiction and lead a lifelong recovery.


Drug Addiction

This website is an excellent site designed as an educational resource with a primary focus to help those on the journey to recovery from chemical dependencies. It provides information on addictions to alcohol, tobacco, illicit, and prescription drugs.  It focuses on connecting the addicted and family/friends to the help and support they need to recover their lives. The organization is actively seeking information on addiction treatment options, support groups, and rehabilitation programs.


Quit Alcohol is an initiative of the Alcohol Abuse Counsel and a trained group of volunteers which consist of writers and individuals in recovery who share the goal of education and support to others touched by the problem. 


Brain Research

The Dana Organization sponsors research into brain-based disorders, including the addictions.

Drug Craving
The origins of drug craving are described in this web-based article, from the National Institute of Health.

National Institute on Drug Abuse
The National Institute of Drug Abuse maintains much information.

A tutorial from the National Institute on Drug Abuse regarding cocaine use and abuse, how cocaine affects developing fetuses, and other risks from cocaine use, such as infectious disorders.

A tutorial from the National Institute on Drug Abuse regarding heroin use and abuse, how heroin affects the body, and other risks from heroin use.


A description of what methamphetamine is, and the dangers of methamphetamine use, from the National Institute on Drug Abuse.


Drug Facts
Fact sheets on drug use from government resources.


National Drug Control Policy
The White House Office of National Drug Control Policy maintains this site with extensive resources and links about drugs and drug-related problems.


The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University:
Teen survey and substance abuse statistics along with resources and other information.


Drugs and Crime Facts: Statistics on drug use broken down into the categories of youth, general population, and workplace.


Federal Drug Data Sources:
A listing of sites with surveys, assessments, and trends concerning substance abuse.


Commonly Abused Drugs: A listing of commonly abused drugs, with info on how they are taken and their health consequences.


Center for Substance Abuse Research: Organization at the University of Maryland at College Park who performs research to combat the problems caused by drug use.


Center for Treatment Research on Adolescent Drug Abuse: This center at the University of Miami was created to conduct treatment research on adolescent drug abuse.


National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA): This organization performs alcohol-related research.


University of Pittsburgh Center for Education and Drug Abuse Research: This group’s purpose is to study substance use disorders and substance abuse.


American Council for Drug Education: An agency that develops materials and programs on drug use and its impact.


The Partnership for a Drug-Free America: Organization that provides education for parents to help them raise alcohol and drug-free kids.


Parents: The Anti-Drug: Site provides parents and caregivers with the tools needed to raise drug-free children.


Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD): A peer-to-peer education and activism organization that is dedicated to preventing destructive decisions such as drug and alcohol use.


Above the Influence: Site helps teens and young adults understand the pressures and influences they face daily and how to make positive life choices. Site is part of the USA Addiction Treatment Partnership, a Florida based non-profit that researches and treats withdrawal signs and symptoms of addiction, an area of study which is often overlooked.


Higher Education Center for Alcohol, Drug Abuse, and Violence Prevention:


Prevention First: This organization provides support to institutions of higher education in their fight against alcohol abuse, drug abuse, and violence.


Foundation for a Drug-Free World: This group provides educational information to help young people make informed decisions to be substance-free.


Substance Abuse Treatment Facility Locator A searchable listing of drug treatment facilities in the USA.


Drug Addiction: Connecting People with People Who Can Help: This site provides information and treatment resources for many types of addiction.


Treatment Solutions Network: A network of independent addiction treatment facilities.


Alcoholics Anonymous: Information on this national group and where to find meetings.


Addiction Treatment Resources for Parents of Teens and Young Adults: Substance abuse treatment resources and information for parents.


Street Drugs: Information on many of the common street drugs.


KCI: The Anti-Meth Site: A site all about what meth is and meth addiction.


Illegal Drugs Identification Chart: What They Look Like & How to Recognize Their Effects: Photos and information regarding common illegal drugs.


Alcohol Abuse: A site all about alcohol abuse and its impact.


National Inhalant Prevention Coalition: Information on inhalants and the dangers they pose.


Prescription Drug Abuse: Information regarding the abuse of prescription medications.


Drug Descriptions: Site from Canada with information on commonly used illegal drugs.


Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs: Information on narcotics and other types of dangerous drugs.


The College on Problems of Drug Dependence: A national group that addresses problems of drug dependence and abuse.


The Association for Addiction Professionals: An association that serves addition counselors, educators, and health care professionals who work in the field of addiction prevention, treatment, and recovery.


National Association of State Alcohol/Drug Abuse Directors: The purpose of this group is to support the development of alcohol and drug abuse prevention and treatment programs throughout every state.


Association for Medical Education and Research in Substance Abuse: The goal of this association is to make advances in substance abuse education and research.


International Harm Reduction Association: Organization that promotes harm reduction policies and practices worldwide regarding dangerous drugs.


Addiction: A journal of peer-reviewed research reports on tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs.


Addiction Messenger: A monthly publication with tips and information covering a variety of substance abuse-related topics.


Alcohol, Other Drugs, and Health: Current Evidence: An online newsletter that summarizes research on alcohol, drugs, and health.


Quit Alcohol:: An online article discussing the Dangers of Drinking and Driving. Website also offers many other resources.


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