Suicide & Trauma

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Site reviews warning signs, awareness, and suicide prevention procedures.


Morningside Recovery 

Article by Michelle Conway concerning resources for suicide prevention.


Suicide information
The National Institute of Mental Health site devoted to facts, research, and statistics about suicide.

Call to action about suicide
Read the Surgeon General's 1999 report on suicide in the United States, a growing public health problem.


Surviving suicide
This site, maintained by Dempsey Rice, producer/director/writer of a documentary about being a survivor of suicide, has information about that film, as well as links to many online resources about suicide and suicide prevention.


Suicide Prevention

This site and the ones below are from the Insurance Quotes website and dedicated to suicide and prevention.


Suicide Prevention Action Network
A page full of national suicide prevention organizations links as well as initiatives and resources.


Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention
Helpful links available for those in crisis now that need immediate help. Information for survivors of suicide who need emotional support services. There are also links for upcoming events and general information.


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Includes a crisis hot-line phone number, resource pages on how to get help, and signs of a potential suicide attempt.


Suicide Prevention Spotting the Signs and Helping a Suicidal Person
Find helpful articles for teens and adults on prevention. Also, includes common misconceptions about suicide and a related links section.


Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
Suicide prevention resources: substance abuse and suicide, prevention lifeline, and suicide prevention resource center.


What is Suicide & How to Intervene
Website includes information on why college students kill themselves, myths and facts, warning signs, and ways to help.


Counseling Center at University of Illinois
Offers basic information on why people kill themselves, myths about suicide, how to help and where to find additional help.


Youth Suicide Prevention Curriculum
Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction offers information on how to educate youth about suicide prevention.


U.S. Air Force Suicide Prevention Program

This site is designed to provide information and tools to members of the Air Force community. Includes: suicide prevention training, videos and more.


Preventing Suicide

The CDC offers helpful information to guide people through the signs and symptoms of suicide.


Virginia Department of Health

Suicide Prevention Program includes contact information and key national resources.


Language Describing Suicidal Behavior

Maine Youth Suicide Prevention Program’s list of behaviors that may lead to suicide attempt or death.


Stop a Suicide Today!

This site offers information on the signs of suicide, how to help a friend, facts on suicide, and suicide and mental illness. Also includes pages for professionals, survivors, and help on how to stop suicide.


U.S. Army Medical Department

This site offers many resources including videos, articles, training, informative tools and much more.


How to Answer Questions Teens Ask About Suicide

A Q&A on how to answer specific questions that a youth may have about different topics relating to suicide.


The Medifast Plan

Healthy Mind and Body, A Resource Guide to Suicide Prevention.


Choices Recovery Suicide Prevention Guide

Choices Recovery is a complete mental health and addiction recovery treatment facility in Indiana. Site offers much info on addiction, trauma, and suicide.


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