Family & Religion
Comprehensive birth injury information aimed at providing parents and loved ones of a child with a birth injury with the vital information they need.
Visit the site of the Urban Institute and look for research reports on the economic effects of family type on children, especially those living in or near poverty.
This site is the Family Research Council, a conservative organization supporting what it calls "traditional family values." What does the council consider a "traditional family"? What values does it defend? Why? Are there family problems that it ignores?

The Council on Contemporary Families conducts research on today's family patterns.
Interested in tracing your ancestors? Learn more about genealogy at this resource site.
This is the site for the Federal Interagency Forum on Child and Family Statistics, which compiles information from eighteen government agencies.
This organization provides information on how families and, especially, children around the world are affected by war, poverty, and AIDS and explains how you can help.
Survey the increasing diversity of family life at the Web site for the Polyamory Society. What do you make of the society's views of family life?
The National Organization of Single Mothers offers advice and assistance to women who are single mothers by choice or chance.


Religious Freedom Watch
Religious Freedom Watch offers information on a variety of religious issues, including cults and toleration of religious differences.
Baptist World Alliance
Church World Service
Catholic Relief Services: Official International Relief and Development Agency of the U.S. Catholic Community
A number of religious organizations are involved in addressing hunger and other social problems. This site describes the activities of Baptist World Aid, Church World Service, Catholic Relief Services, and the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee.



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